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We secure the next Generation Leaders and Key People.

Through the combination of dedicated strategic Consulting Services and our methodology in Human Capital Planning, we support our clients in the conception, planning, research and execution of their Human Capital initiatives, to secure the next generation leaders and key people.

Human Capital Consulting

Securing the Success through tailor-made Solutions

All our consulting services share the joint objective to foster an integrated Human Capital management in order to secure, optimize and retain the talent pool as a key factor to ensure the sustainable, entrepreneurial success.

We offer strategic Human Capital consulting expertise in mission critical topics, such as growth strategies, post-acquisition integration measures, retention- and career development measures, performance based compensation models, developing active sourcing capabilities, business intelligence, etc.

Long-term Succession Planning

Creating the Talent Pool for next generation Key People

Identifying and grooming of future talent over time belong to the most important and mission critical governance tasks of Senior Management. As trusted advisors and solution partners, we assist decision makers in planning and executing sustainable Succession Planning strategies.

Systematic Succession Planning is a formal and proactive process that allows to create concrete options for the selection of next generation leaders and key people well in advance. The focus is on key positions with a time horizon of 1 – 3 years ahead of the planned replacement. Succession Planning may be initiated for single positions or – as an implementation of a Human Capital strategy – across entire function levels. There are compelling arguments to support a structured Succession Planning process:

  • Provides access to the entire candidate population
    The ongoing process allows early-on identification of all relevant, internal- and external candidates, increasing the chance of securing best-in-class talent for key positions.
  • Creates the basis for a strong internal buy-in
    A systematic and transparent Succession Planning process is well accepted and supported, in particular as it also takes into account internal candidates.
  • Enables strong corporate governance
    Ongoing, transparent Succession Planning is the formal execution of a sound Human Capital Strategy and may be closely monitored by decision makers.
  • Takes into the account future strategic requirements
    The human capital strategy is aligned to the business strategy, ensuring that the position profile matches future requirements, supporting the successful generation change.
  • Ensures lower risk and organisational disruption
    Planned, long-term replacements are smoother and better absorbed than short-term replacement situations, resulting in lower on-boarding risk.


As strategic advisors, we have the experience and the instruments to conduct a successful, tailor made Succession Planning process. As external partners, we guarantee a confidential, formal, structured and unbiased approach.

Short-term Replacement Planning 

Identifying and selecting the optimal external Candidate

Immediate, reactive replacement requirements for key positions may arise, where there are unexpected changes that lead to an urgent, short-term need for an external candidate. To minimize disruption and ensure business continuity, a well-qualified, available candidate needs to be identified and selected in the shortest possible time span. In such urgent instances, we are supporting our clients with a completely confidential, efficient, reliable and transparent search- and selection process.

Opportunistic Growth Planning 

Securing Business Developers that can grow the Business

In a saturated market, industry specific hiring opportunities are pursued with the objectives of business development and new client acquisition (e.g. in Private Banking). Candidates are expected to develop their client base out of their existing network. Usually, such candidates are in strong competitive demand: reputation, platform and performance based compensation are some of the mission critical factors to win the best talent. We have a strong expertise and extensive Business Intelligence in the field of growth-motivated hiring patterns in Private Banking and we advise our clients regarding optimisation of their competitive positioning.