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Today for tomorrow: securing a performing Talent Pool.

Ongoing transformation and disruption creates a constant challenge to the competitiveness of many industries and companies. Leaders are forced to seize opportunities and minimise risks in new territory.

In this “new normal”, performing human capital is the critical resource for success or failure: a paradigm change may be necessary where core competencies and behavior are not in line with requirements. With our services, we close the gaps to future requirements, align the talent pool to the corporate strategy and advise our clients on their most important resource: the optimization, positioning and – where necessary – the supplementation of their strategic human capital.

Competitive Employer-Branding

Increase in competitiveness as an employer

In a  competitive labor market, the perception as an authentic and highly regarded employer is indispensable in attracting and retaining the best talent. We analyze the current employer positioning and differentiation from an employee- and candidate perspective. The Employer Value Proposition will positively influence the perception through external communication to promote the employer’s values. Internal measures will optimize the experience from leadership- and employee perspectives. This increases the employer’s attractiveness toward employees and candidates, reduces fluctuation and significantly improves access to the best talent – achieving Employer of Choice status.

Systematic Succession Planning

Ensuring internal- and external succession

The proactive spotting and development of talent within and outside the company are among the most critical, ongoing (and often neglected) leadership tasks. We support you with our research-based, systematic approach.

This creates significant advantages compared to a reactive approach: early identification and preparation of talent ensure that the optimal candidates will be available when needed. The inclusion of internal employees creates high acceptance, as they are part of the talent pool and specifically retained/supported. Moreover, the position profiles are adapted to match future strategic requirements. With the early identification of bottlenecks in the talent pool, we help ensure that key positions are optimally filled with next-generation leaders – on time and when needed.

Leadership and Team Performance

Optimizing leadership and team behavior

Successful collaboration is the core of success for unfolding the individual capabilities available in the talent pool. The development of the full potential in teams to achieve the joint strategic mission, shaping a common performance objective and taking into account the skills and personalities of the team members are highly sensitive tasks allowing to reach unprecedented success in the future.

We guide you in all aspects of team composition, individual- and group workshops and performance management (including performance management instruments). The goal is to align resources around common objectives and best practices, building a highly motivated team ready to perform to the maximum of their combined abilities in a collaborative and performance-oriented manner. Successful team building is reflected in increased motivation and collegiality, a willingness to go the extra mile, and most importantly, creating “fun” and entrepreneurial spirit.

Efficient, external Candidate Search

Access to external candidates as short-term replacement

Even with a well-developed succession plan, there may be short-term, unplanned replacement requirements for key resources that cannot be sourced from the talent pool. The best possible, externally available candidate must be identified and selected within the shortest time to ensure business continuity. We support our clients with a confidential, efficient and fully transparent search- and selection process.